Renewing members

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Renewing members

Post by U3A Central Coast » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:06 pm

U3A Central Coast has just started asking its members to renew their memberships online. We are getting resistance from many of the email members who simply post a cheque without bothering to renew online or worse pay by EFT without details. (We've yet to get PayPal). Some members 'renew' by joining up again so get 2 numbers which need to be merged. Our renewing numbers are way down for this time of year. Some members are making a mess of their profile. Have other U3As had these problems? How did you handle it? Our membership secretary is complaining that it's created more work not less. Online enrolment is set to start in January, I shudder to say. Margaret

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Re: Renewing members

Post by nswadmin » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:23 am

Hi Margaret,

Our first year was staggered to provide more exposure to the myU3A before start of the year enrolments. What we did to make implementation easier:
1. Introduced members section to our members for term 4 enrolments (before renewals) for them to get used to the interface.
2. Created a documentation on how to user members section. This document expain it in the very simple terms. (click here, press there, submit here). You can see it on our website in the members login section. This document was also sent out by email to all members.
3. For first year we have created enrolments/renewal day. Where people who are not sure what they doing can come to and see us and we will assist them in the process.
4. Double up on the first renewal will happen as there might not be enough data populated in the field to compare information.

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